Thursday, July 20, 2017

Indeed... Why Not?

why not?
just rip off another
fountain penned attempt.

meanderings of what 
might have been 
a great mind.

60045 7-20-17

Friday, July 14, 2017

Alive in Maslovania

some kinda hierarchy
pyramid of needs
suppressing poems ‘til
their ain’t no more

to worry on and on…

June 2017
Over the Pacific Ocean

Cast in Amber

i should learn chinese
to write a long and beautiful
boldly calligraphed poem about you.

then, I should write
ten thousand more
each one better than the last
it would not be enough…

I would compare you to every flower
I have never seen, extinct,
ancient flowers growing wild
exotically delicate bright colored
so very sweetly fragrant
i would feign, faint, and feint
all confused as in that first seeing you
but it would not be enough…

I would compare you to wondrous
mountains and lakes of such beauty
that only exist in my imagination
maybe in the imaginations of
even greater poets and artists
but it would not be enough

but the simple Armenian lyrics
expressed it best for me
                  give me just one kiss
                  then I could die

but, again, it would not be enough…

June 2017

A Poem During a Lecture on Poetry

that is the big window
the open window where
airs and scents, dusty bits,
buggy things that fly and crawl,
move in and out
changing our view
thoughts, perceptions, perspectives 
i wonder...

sure, observing,

contradictions and dichotomies
everywhere i look
of dogma and action
the tainting of your reality 
by the filter of my mind,


a pallet of watercolors
of painting music in words
almost only one try
one stroke
bad calligraphy

july 12, 2017

albany park

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

the aufe art school coffee house

reposed in a coffee house
serene, sipping, reflecting
ruined by the entrance 
of a loud babbling couple
all nouveau but not exactly riche
cell phone talking loud,
loud like long distance used to be
completely unaware 
they were trampling on
my blissful moment

and me, again, swatting flies 
that had finally left me alone

ah.. the ying of it all
oh and the yang

June 2017

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


gulay is singing
i am sipping tequila
sezering the opportunity for 
this poeming and re-poeming 
trying to attempt to get a groove 
on a feeling i feel of a longing i long for 
in a language i fully get
but don't understand at all

this is my blessing
this defines me

60045 11-21-13
listen to this while reading this poem:  
Gurbet - Gulay Sezer

Thursday, October 3, 2013


the milwaukee that
might have been
a third ward first kiss
caffeinated in your musk
and a novel based on
the mere image, the dream,
of your coital arch
impassioned yelp
and all else that could be
in a perfect moment
adrift in that teasey breeze