Wednesday, November 20, 2013


gulay is singing
i am sipping tequila
sezering the opportunity for 
this poeming and re-poeming 
trying to attempt to get a groove 
on a feeling i feel of a longing i long for 
in a language i fully get
but don't understand at all

this is my blessing
this defines me

60045 11-21-13
listen to this while reading this poem:  
Gurbet - Gulay Sezer

Thursday, October 3, 2013


the milwaukee that
might have been
a third ward first kiss
caffeinated in your musk
and a novel based on
the mere image, the dream,
of your coital arch
impassioned yelp
and all else that could be
in a perfect moment
adrift in that teasey breeze

Monday, August 12, 2013


typing calligraphy
each stroke permanent
though the backspace 
sings the siren song
the delete looming like
the eye of the cyclops
and the homer key not 
helping this poem at all

Monday, May 13, 2013


hey you ain't writ no pome
in a long wile... wassup?

i just ain't a mused.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

wintry kinda day

a throwback, road not taken,
winter storm kind of day

longing for the quiet of
a less populated past
where nature was...
not under siege

yeah, road not taken
didn't take neither
forgive me but let's double negative
the whole thing and just
pave a bigger newer better one

not that the less populated past
was any better for the serfs and slaves

a throwback wintry day
a well predicted blizzard
and me, warming my hands over
this glowing computer screen

Thursday, February 7, 2013


thinking about infinity and
the unkown vastness of
this supposed reality.  

thinking about all we do not know
about the dichotomous circle
ends meeting and opposites
doing whatever they want

is it OK not to really know?
is it wrong to believe deeply?
prophets charlatanizing
agnostics evangelizing
atheists somewhere in the middle
the whole thing whirling about
while everyones dogma chased
my karna up a tree.

globus warmus

this odd january 
like and unlike the
past odd march

this odd january
of almost record colds
and amazing record warms
within a few days

a system globally
out of control
trying to find a new norm
desperately seeking... something
harmony and equilibrium?

unstable is one word
warming another

too many people
too much techology
with no choice but to forge on
to where?  to what?
a solution?
or just a weird not very
darwinian kind of evolution

this prosey kind of a poem
will no doubt help