Sunday, May 1, 2022

poetry of everyday life

an overwhelmingness with life
but not the things to do, places to go,
not by what i should buy next

overwhelmed by what?

the people
their very being
their doing and moving about
their sayings and sighs

wondering how they are
soaring and struggling
loving or being shunned
the overwhelming uncommonness
of the poetry of everyday life

overwhelmed by the
neither winter nor spring
equinoxious void between
death and rebirth

march 2022

just maybe

just wandering along
maybe trying to make things
make more sense... maybe

more sense than dogmas
if more sense even matters
in the grand scheme, if there is
even a grand scheme or theme

and, maybe, that's simply ok
maybe that is the final grasp
of the plan, the design, the way,
the path that is so wide
that everyone's following it...

north park
april 2022

the caterpiillar in me

what is it but a dream?
like i drempt i was... what?
a butterfly?  an earthworm?
an octopus? a warlord?
virtuoso something or other?
or am i awake

mittying about
in a stream of
great unconciousness

albany park
april 2022

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Places of Power

on that certain stair
of our first house

the hallway balcony
of this one

the childhood
front porch in detroit
or the nutmeg wiltonian

places of power
    maybe a vortex
to what? dare I say
    higher consciousness
    divine insight
    the mind's eye
    to one's own soul...

so said castenda back
when i thought I wanted to
    to be more spiritual
    and find that mined eye
    to where my soul should be

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

renew anew

the next beginning
another restart
rekindled hopes and dream
aspirations, wish lists
and something about buckets

we navigate life
we negotiate with others
but mostly ourselves
trading off, always,
well, frequently
what we think we want
for what we think we want
this minute...

yeah, i used the royal we
the plural if you will
but honestly, truthfully,
it's all about me...

june 6, 2021

should be

i should be writing
by the cold clear
mountain brook
under my apple and
walnut trees

the brook exists
flowing from the mountain
top of my mind to the
fertile valley of my heart

the trees in the yard
of the house in which
my children were born

june 5, 2021

Thursday, April 29, 2021

the essence

you seem so... darn comfortable
comfortable in the very you of you
comfortable in the simple being you
making it so easy being content
being grounded and centered

it is in your aura
your well-tended modest garden
your two miniature collies
your home, the style and colors,
all seeming so... you.

it is what it is,
you are what you are...
there is nothing to covet here
its all part of the mindset
you never really set
it's some genetic blessing
or circumstantial behavioral thing
some psycho-spiritual blah blah
we all long for but never
quite have in our grasp

perhaps the secret
is there is no secret
just stop grasping and...

april 29, 2021